What is Shopping Cart Recovery?

eCommerce is a thriving industry and set to continue growing as more people use the internet as their preferred means of shopping. Giving your web visitors an interactive and pleasurable experience is important if you want to make the sale, but most people will abandon their cart at some point when shopping online. In addition to learning how to prevent shopping cart abandonment, you should have a strategy that will bring those customers back to your site to complete the purchase.

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

When people visit your shop, they may place items that they are interested in into their cart. They may then leave your site without finishing the transaction. There are a number of reasons why this happens. Sometimes, someone can become distracted by something going on in the real world, change his or her mind, or wish to wait for the item to go on sale before buying it. Here are the most common reasons a person will abandon a cart online.

  • The person was simply researching the item and what it might cost after shipping and taxes, but decided against buying it.
  • Your store did not accept the customer's preferred form of payment.
  • The customer decided against the sale because the cost of shipping and handling was too high.
  • Due to a small order, the person was unable to receive free shipping.
  • The customer was not happy with how long it would take for the product to arrive.
  • The checkout process was too complicated or confusing for your customer and he or she decided to look elsewhere.
  • The person was not ready to buy because he or she was comparing prices.

Shopping cart abandonment is an issue that affects all online businesses. 75% of people will abandon a cart at some point each year. While there are things that you can do to help prevent a potential customer from abandoning the cart to begin with, sometimes you simply cannot do enough to keep someone on your website through the entire sales process.

What is Shopping Cart Recovery?

Shopping cart recovery is a series of steps that you can take to make customers return to your site so that you can increase your chance that they will complete their purchases. It combines digital marketing strategies with data analysis to determine how best to gain a customer's attention. By bringing the customer back to your site, you may ensure that the person either buys the original item or is interested enough in something else to make a larger purchase than originally intended.

For example, a customer might have added something to the cart, only to see that he or she did not qualify for free shipping. That person may have then forgotten about their visit to your store. When you reach out and get the person to return to your store, he or she may find additional products of interest and then qualify for free shipping.

Shopping Cart Recovery Strategies

Some of the most predominant cart recovery strategies can include a combination of the following.

  • Notifications when the customer attempts to leave the site, making the person think one last time about whether he or she wants to complete the sale.
  • Emails sent to the customer's email address if that person had signed up for an account or submitted an email address at some point through the checkout process.
  • Retargeting advertisements meant to offer discount codes and promote the same product or similar ones at different price points.
  • Phone calls that connect you with the customer to talk about their needs and what needs to happen for him or her to complete the purchase.

All of these strategies can bring customers back to your website, but they have varying degrees of effectiveness. A lot of emails will wind up in spam folders or never be opened while push notifications in a person's browser are often ignored. It can also be difficult to reach people when many potential customers have begun to screen their phone calls in order to avoid scammers and telemarketing calls.

SMS is an Effective Tool for Shopping Cart Recovery

One way to bring customers back to your website is to send them a text message(SMS) informing them that they still have items in their carts. You could pair it with a notice that the item is on sale now or that you are now offering better shipping options.This form of communication is less likely to go unnoticed or ignored because text messages create push notifications on peoples' phones and they are more likely to read a text message than an email. Choosing to send text messages can also be more cost-effective because it reduces the time it might take for a customer service representative to get in touch with a customer and have a conversation.

Tapsend specializes in SMS Shopping Cart Recovery strategies. The strategies that we implement for our clients have resulted in three times the number of returned customers compared with other shopping cart recovery strategies. Our app allows you to notice when your potential customers have left your site and send them messages to find out how you can better serve them. This is an effective way to discover what it was that turned your potential clients away to begin with while making the shopping experience more pleasant.

You can even give the customer an added incentive by offering free shipping, a discount on his or her item, or a free gift for completing the sale. Customers that receive this level of attention during the customer service experience are not only more likely to complete the sale. They are more likely to return in the future because of a positive experience.

With introductory plans that are free of charge, try Tapsend today so that you can begin recovering carts and increasing your return on investment. Once you try us out, you will see why we are a leader in shopping cart recovery for eCommerce.

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